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101 Byways


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    19,90 лв.
    ISBN: 9789542823780
    Наличност: В наличност
    Година: 2017г.
    Страници: 256 стр.
    Размер: 14х21
    Тегло: 0.4000 кг.
    Корица: мека
    Цветност: цветна
    Език: български


    If you had rather stay in your hotel and never leave it, this is not the book for you. If you love to travel, if you are curious to discover new places, if you prefer a walk in the forest to a day in the city, read on!

    Some places you have heard of from the tour guide; some places you have read about online, but others are completely new. 101 Byways is a selection of the last kind. The destinations in the book might not be on the tourist routes, but they should all be on your personal list for weekend getaways. 

    Mountain peaks, caves, waterfalls, fruit, wine, the spot with the most beautiful view - it does not matter which one you choose. The byways off the highway will always take you same place new.

    We hope to meet you somewhere on the road.

    Things you will find in this book:

     - Exclusive selection of lesser-unown or completely unfamiliar spots in Bulgaria;

     - Original photos of magical places and enchanting natural phenomena;

     - Precise directions how to get to all 101 places, written by people who have personally visited every single one of them (we know from experience that every traveler needs a helping hand);

     - Additional information about other interesting spots in a 50-kilometer radius, so you can make the most of your trip;

     - Tips on how to best photograph the breathtaking sights.

    Things you will not find in this book:

     - Long and tedious texts copied off google and Wikipedia;

     - Confusing and misleading directions leaving you in the middle of nowhere; 

     - Stock photos pinched from Getty Images;

     - Hidden ads of hotels and restaurants.

    Because this is a book for travelers, not tourists.

    Ivan Mihalev, Elina Tsankova

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